Simplicity Re-Mastered

Featuring a 2.4 inch display, the Motion One returns to basic dependable technology. Dual SIM card slots lets you make calls anytime anywhere and even includes mobile tracking if your device is ever lost or stolen.

Music Anytime

The Motion One offers you the freedom of having all your music on one device. With a memory expandable to up to 8GB, you can store your entire music library in one place and listen everywhere you go.

Entertainment Juggernaut

Internet, FM radio, camera, all these and more are featured in the Motion One. So whether you want to surf the web, listen to your favorite station, or share your special moments with friends and family, you can do it with this device.



2.4" Screen, 320 x 480 pixel


Dual SIM Slot


Can Expandable up to 8 G




Rear Camera with Flash

FM Radio


MP3/MP4 Player


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